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A collaborative, conversational approach with our clients is key to our process. We like to get involved in new projects early on, so we can work with you from the ground up to develop a storytelling concept that is visually stunning and emotionally impactful.

Our core team has been working together for over five years and shares an intersectional and anti-racist approach to filmmaking.

Drawing on the strengths of our core team, and a network of like minded freelancers and unionized creative collaborators, Seize the Means of Production Video Co-op is uniquely positioned to lead worker focussed, community based, diverse, and social justice oriented video productions like yours.

We offer the following services
-Social justice campaigns
-Political campaigns
-Short documentary
-Social media content

Social justice campaigns

Social change and values centered work is why we started Seize the Means of Production Video Co-op. Our team is experienced in producing video work that supports a broader social justice movement, as with our collaboration with CUPE BC on their universal childcare campaign, and CUPE’s National Indigenous Council’s “Water is Life” (Indigenous water sovereignty) campaign. The work of our members has supported numerous other movements in the areas of harm reduction, decolonization, worker rights, violence against women, HIV/AIDS stigma, anti-racism, queer rights, and more.

Political campaigns

Our team has extensive experience working with political campaign teams to deliver a variety of different campaign materials including candidate profiles, quick-turnaround social media content, and general campaign messaging. Our flexible and low-overhead approach (see below) allows us to adapt quickly to the shifting context of a political campaign and work with budgets of any size.

Short documentary

Telling stories in collaboration with communities is a passion of our members. Combined, our core team has produced over 2 dozen short docs, with screenings at [list of film festivals]. Short, medium, or even feature length impact documentaries can be powerful educational tools, and can bring impactful, nuanced stories to a wide audience.

Social media content

Short form video is ubiquitous across all social platforms We can offer a variety of consulting and videography services to develop engaging content in support of your broader communications strategy.







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